Restaurant, bar, vegan pizza and more ...

Inspired by Mexican home cooking, a peculiar name: Arte Sano, gives birth to an extraordinary place to enjoy Mexican vegan food in Holbox. Its menu includes the classic Mexican food dishes such as tacos, Flautas, huaraches, chilaquiles, mole, Chiles Rellenos, (Stuffed Peppers), and more, Of course, all vegan and prepared from scratch and corn.
For Francisco and Jesús -the main chef- the most important thing is fresh food. That is why most of the vegetables served at your table come from small farming communities from the island's surroundings. This way, they support their economy by offering high-quality fruits and vegetables at Arte Sano.
"Chilaquiles" stand out, among the specialties and can be served with red or green sauce perhaps Oaxaca style -a mix of beans with spicy chipotle peppers, as well as other delicious specialties like fruit bowls and cereals, lentil or portobello burgers, They prepare "El Mole" at home as well as the Stuffed Peppers with Jamaica flower "tinga".

In Arte Sano, they never lose the opportunity to recycle; They gather much of their decoration from logs and roots in the area.
And in the evenings, enjoy the large terrace surrounded by plants, a glass of wine in its new bar area, live music, vegan pizza, and an unconventional moment in a green place for vegans and non-vegans that love pizza.